Project Description

Criminal Aesthetic Fashion Soundsystem

curated by Ronaldo Fiesoli
critical essay by Marco Tagliafierro
November 20th, 2013 – February 28th, 2014
Patrizia Pepe Factory, Capalle, Prato

The Patrizia Pepe headquarter is characterized by areas in which the creative aspect is the crucial element linked to the Brand. With the passing of years, it has strengthened the bond with the culture by hosting exhibitions of contemporary art and on this occasion, Patrizia Pepe hosts the Argentine artist Daniel González. In the factory in Prato, Daniel González combines fashion, music and art in an explosive combination. For the project Criminal Aesthetic Fashion Soundsystem the artist has created several environmental sculptures, dozens of speakers of various sizes, covered with a fantastic iconography created with hand-sewn sequins and spray paint. Landed in the lobby like a spaceship, the Criminal Aesthetic Fashion Soundsystem is full of color, music and laser lights. A real “aesthetic machine of music-singing and telling stories through the entrance hall, the cafeteria and the conference room”. Each installation has its own playlist, based on the functionality of the space. The Criminal Aesthetic Fashion is a protagonist as any of us would like to be “anti-conformist enough, politically incorrect, immersed in contemporary society that clashes against everyday flattening of emotions and tries in every moment to be himself”. As a contemporary storyteller, Daniel González tell stories through images and music to people who daily live the spaces of the factory, giving the chance to experience the “beauty” also in every day life habits. The art of Daniel González comes from the research on the rituals of celebration and declined in public projects, banner-painting of hand-sewn sequins and unique wearable pieces presented in high-impact performances. González creates crazy, sexy and energetic worlds: areas where the existing conventions collapse.

Photo: credits Andrea Fiesoli, courtesy the artist & Patrizia Pepe