Daniel González, #Whatsapp Argentina? Mi Casa Tu Casa, MAR Museo Mar del Plata, 2018-2019
Daniel González
#What’s up Argentina MI CASA TU CASA
Open call to contribution
September to December 2018

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Buenos Aires (MAR) Museum in Mar del Plata is pleased to invited you to contribute to the creative process aimed at the creation of next ephemeral architecture by Argentinean artist Daniel González. The site-specific installation will be exhibited in the Museum’s halls throughout 2019

Freedom in the creative process and the pro-active participation of the audience are the core focus of the whole artwork, which aims to become a trigger for community building at the base of the cultural institution identity.

How it works

How does your dream house look like? Share with us a wish, a dream, an idea about the house of your dreams and become the co-author of the work #Whatsupargentina Mi Casa Tu Casa by Daniel González. This artwork will become “everyone’s house”.

Please send your messages, drawings and screenshots to the following Whatsapp number +54 223 423 4654 (any language accepted) and artist Daniel González will transform the text into elements of construction of the so-called Ephemeral Architecture, live-performed in the museum’s halls.
You can also stop by and drop a piece of furniture at MAR Museo – an object in general which will be included in the realization of the artwork. Any objects are accepted.

MAR Museo
Av. Félix U. Camet y López de Gomara
Mar del Plata, Argentina 7600

Whatsapp ONLY INFO +54 223 423 4654
Website gba.gob.ar/museomar