Daniel González, #Whatsapp Argentina? Mi Casa Tu Casa, MAR Museo Mar del Plata, 2018-2019

Daniel González
#WhatsupArgentina Mi Casa Tu Casa
call for contributions, till December 2018


Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Buenos Aires (MAR) Museum in Mar del Plata is pleased to invited you to contribute to the creative process aimed at the creation of next ephemeral architecture by Argentinean artist Daniel González.

MAR Museo is supporting the artistic research of Argentinean artist Daniel González about community-based installations. The artist has come to a deep investigation about audience engagement throughout more than 12 years in developing public works. In his upcoming public project “#whatsupArgentina Mi Casa Tu Casa” the artist takes the audience engagement focus to another level by involving Museum’s visitors and social followers in the creative process from scratch, through the use of the messaging app WhatsApp.

Freedom in the creative process and the pro-active participation of the audience are the core focus of the whole artwork by González, which will be developed in two different ways: a virtual dissemination and a call for objects.
While in the virtual reality of the internet, the Museum and the artist are asking for an imaginative contribution about “How your dream house looks like?” which might consist of a text, an image, a vocal message or a video sent to the messaging app Whatsapp, things get different at the Museum’s hall. The institution is collecting common objects which will become physically the first “community” dream house ever built. All people contributing, either virtually or physically, will become co-author of the artwork together with artist Daniel González.

The call for contribution by MAR Museum is open till December 2018. The ephemeral architecture “#WhatsupArgentina Mi Casa Tu Casa” by Daniel González will be on show in MAR Museo throughout the whole 2019.


Call for Whatsapp messages
Please answer to the following question “How your dream house looks like?” with a text, a voice message, an image or a video to +54 223 423 4654


Call for common objects
Where: directly at the Museum
MAR Museo
Av. Félix U. Camet y López de Gomara
Mar del Plata, Argentina 7600
General info: +54 0223 471-7695
Opening days: Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm, Sat, Sun and holidays 12pm to 8pm, Wednesday closed
How to get there: by bus 221, 581, 553, 555
Museum Website gba.gob.ar/museomar

What we collect: chairs, lamps, lampshades, tablecloths, centrepieces, armchairs, cushions, ornaments, pitchers, blankets, souvenirs, sofas, pillows, carpets & rugs, ceramics objects, mugs, paintings, wardrobes, shelves, plants, vases, glasses, pots, mirrors, tables, dishes, chandeliers, pencils, sheets, stools, beach balls, balloons, parasols, towels, bird cages, shoes, clothes, etc.

Please consider that objects will not be returned.