Project Description

A la mierda lo que piensen de nosotros – UFO in my bed

January 29th – March 21th 2009
Galerie Vernon International & Instage, Padua, Italy

Galeries Vernon International & Instage are pleased to present A La Mierda Lo Que Piensen De Nosotros – Ufo in my Bed, the first solo exhibition by the artist Daniel González.
The title of the show – which presents new works – with its easy going tone, lead us straight to Daniel González’s artistic world, a delirious, sexy and energetic world where everyone is invited to create his/her own rules rather than following existing and conventionals ones. After Chili Moon Town Tour, the social-oriented floating city project who will soon move from México to United States (in collaboration with Anna Galtarossa), Daniel González come again to the travel theme, so vital in his human and professional biography. But this time it is not necessary spending miles on the road or go through different jetlags: a bedroom is enough.
In fact the artist says: “A La Mierda Lo Que Piensen De Nosotros – Ufo in my Bed is a fantastic journey on planet bed from childhood monsters underneath the bed to dreamy-love experiences on top of the bed; a world of free encounters roll on the canvasses and objects of the show, making us the surviving stars of the mystery”. An intimate swerve in the wake of In you I taste god, the last Pulse Miami performance, without forget that irony and strong sense of personal freedom which the Argentine artist cares for most because, as he says, “you can have all of me but you’ll never have my dreams”.

Photo credits: Matteo Danesin; courtesy of the artist