Project Description

Anna Galtarossa – Daniel González
Chili Moon Town Tour

29 feet heigh 26 x 26 feet base – 9 meters heigh 8 x 8 meters base

curated by Andrea Lissoni
April 2007
Chapultepec Lake, special project for ZONA MACO art fair, México City

Chili Moon Town Tour is a utopian floating city of dreams that knows no boundaries. It is born as a free city without frontiers. It doesn’t make its inhabitants migrate but it migrates itself. It is a metropolis with futuristic hand made skyscrapers, which overruns stressful traffic, ethnic differences, beliefs, and ideologies. Populated in its skyline by signs that are not advertising commercial products but they are advertising life experiences, a recovering of historical memory written in neon. One good example sees a ghost proclaiming: “here we believe in dreams”.
The floating town was born on the waters of Chapultepec Lake in Mexico City, not as an answer to the population increase but as a work of art that embodies the condition of the dreamer and the traveler. After its appearance in Mexico City as a special project of México Arte Contemporánea-the leading contemporary art fair in Latin America- it will undertake a journey to the United States of America, aiming for Central Park, New York.
Chili Moon Town Tour measures approximately 26 x 26 feet (8m. x 8m.) in its base and up to 29 feet (9 m.) in height and it floats on plastic barrels. Its skyline is crowded with 35 neon signs. There is a 26-foot tunnel (8 m.) running through its middle that can be visited by boat. It was conceived as a womb that tells metropolitan tales of graffiti of historical memory, pre-Columbian, modernist, popular sayings and iconographies born from encounters, all made in sequins and sparkling in colourful neon lights.

Design: Fazzini Meccanica, Italy Technical realization: Marojima Ingeneria Industrial, México City together with the artists, local artisan and students Production Manager: Christopher Lagunes PR & Communication: Chili Moon Town Tour Productions Real estate: Idea Urban Arch Moisés Araf Hop Photo credits: Regina Geisler Camera Crew: Maria Teresa, Veronique Decroux, Christopher Lagunes Video editing: Thupten n Chakrishar Image coordination August Heffner
with the support by Fondacion Jumex, in collaboration with Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York City