Project Description

Anna Galtarossa & Daniel González
Rally for Dreams – Artists Perform Protest at NYC City Hall

October 16th, 2009 12.30pm
curated by Blanca de la Torre
City Hall, New York City

In the city that never sleeps, where have all our dreams gone? 

Over the course of a Friday lunch hour, collaborating artist Anna Galtarossa and Daniel González will lead a staged rally around the NYC City Hall. The performance-protest demands that dreams be permitted to return to New York City. Galtarossa and González argue that their public art project Chili Moon Town can act as a dreamcatcher for New York City.
The artists ask that the necessary permits be granted in order to bring Chili Moon Town to the Lake at Central Park: the heart of the city of everyone’s dreams.
All are invited to join the crowd in pajamas marching with a band, triggering an explosion of shiny balloons, colorful placards, glittering banners and leaflets expressing the Manifesto of Dreams:

Here *DREAMOCRACY* Reigns – Dreams as a social commitment
Dreams as a popular common denominator, we want to show that everything is possible through art & beauty. We are the threshold of all possible worlds, where art is the tool of possibilities and dreams become the international language.
Let’s bring dreams back to New York! Hay que volver a soñar Chili Moon Town in Central Park

Chili Moon Town is presented with the support of the Mexican Cultural Institute of New York, with additional support provided by the Italian Cultural Institute of New York and the Fundación/Colección Jumex.
Featuring: The Hungry March Band, Environmental Encroachment, Yellow Hat Band, Pink Puffers, Kristina Semos, Brock Shorno, Ninaboy, La Metamorfosis de la Palomita, Federica Dimatteo, Yeray Nauset Photo: Bryan Derballa Video: Jake Yuzna Project Managers: Molly O’Rourke and Jeff Hnilicka

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