Project Description

Crash bar o La Conquista dell’Inutile

performance 30th May 2013
The Volume of Air, curated by Francesca Astesani, Margherita Belaief, Ilaria Leoni, in collaboration with Mousse Magazine and NERO
Biennale di Venezia, Serra dei Giardini, Venice

The Volume of Air is a performance-based event that brings together a heterogeneous group of contemporary artists in the fascinating and unique setting of the ‘Serra dei Giardini’ in Venice.
Kindly hosted by The Museum of Everything, for the first time in Venice, the programme of performances will punctuate the afternoon and evening of May 30th bringing together a vibrant mix of live music, dance and dj sets.
The Volume of Air features a group of artists whose work shows a particular sensitivity towards sound or lies in the crossover between visual arts and other disciplines. The artists invited, most of whom are presented in Venice for the first time, have been encouraged to develop a personal contribution, free from a strict curatorial frame, in response to the festivity and fascinating setting of the event.

Video editing: IM