Project Description

Anna Galtarossa – Daniel González
Criminal Aesthetic Fashion at the Skyscraper Club

Decembre 4th, 2013 – January 25th, 2014
Diana Lowenstein Gallery, Miami

When daily gestures are repeated endlessly, aesthetic monotony all around assails you, the dress you wear for the upcoming party is visually trite and your dreams are in the hands of the most trashy commercial product packaging; it’s time to get a move on and find crumbs of authenticity.
In a world where ideals have gone down the drain and only dreams can save us, we throw ourselves in a journey outside and inside of us, just like in a movie where the soundtrack reconnects us to special moments of our life. Only there we behave as a true FASHION CRIMINAL, namely anti-conformist, politically incorrect, a leading figure in contemporary society who clashes against the flattening of emotions. Anna Galtarossa and Daniel González create a utopian space in Criminal Aesthetic Fashion at the Skyscraper Club, a twin-solo project, specifically for the Diana Lowenstein Gallery. In this show the dynamics of a nightclub are transferred to the gallery through artworks that directly dialogue with each other and the spectator. Inside the gallery the public can dance with Galtarossa’s mechanical skyscrapers with rooftop laser lights and wear González’s sculpture-shoes under his reflecting hand-sewn sequin banners. Criminal Aesthetic Fashion at the Skyscraper Club is a platform for exchange, a celebration of beauty and sharing.

Anna Galtarossa was born in Verona, Italy and currently lives and works in New York City and S. Pietro In Cariano, Italy. Daniel González was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and now lives and works in New York City and Berlin, Germany. Both artists have exhibited their artwork throughout Europe and North America individually, as well as together as Chili Moon Town Tour Productions.

Photo credits courtesy of the artist & the Gallery

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