Project Description

Criminal Aesthetic Fashion Soundsystem

April 8th – 13th, 2014
Ventura Lambrate, Milan Design Week
Via Ventura 15 Lambrate Milano

The Argentinean artist Daniel González will exhibit the site-specific installation Criminal Aesthetic Fashion Soundsystem at the fifth edition of VENTURA LAMBRATE, from 8th till 13th April, during the Milan design week.
Landed at Ventura Lambrate 2014 like a spaceship, the Criminal Aesthetic Fashion Soundsystem is a machine of music-aesthetic, full of color, music and lights, that sings and tells stories through the living space. The installation includes fifty sculpture-speakers in different dimensions covered by a visionary iconography made by sequins and spray paint, all in unique pieces. Each of us has a personal soundtrack that accompanies us every day, whose sounds bring images, lights and colors of experienced moments. The Criminal Aesthetic Fashion Soundsystem is like a hunter, showing on the surface of these speakers traces of those images, lights and colors, through the music, recovering in the crook of our senses hidden emotions and celebrate them as a celebration of life.

soundtrack: DJs Palm Wine and Dracula Lewis photo & video courtesy of the artist