Project Description

The Door to the Origin of the World

text by Lukas Feireiss
permanent installation opened in April 2013
Masseria Torre Coccaro, Brindisi, Italy

The Door to the Origin of the World with Grandmother Bag collection is a project created by the Argentine artist Daniel González for Masseria Torre Coccaro Art Project (Brindisi).
The specially conceived work of Daniel González for Masseria Torre Coccaro in Southern Italy’s Apulia most deliberately attempts to create a unique way of spatio-performative storytelling that evolves around a mysterious The Door to the Origin of the World. Leading to an abandoned tuff cave in the scenic garden of the formally fortified country house, the door made from old weather-and-time-beaten driftwood endowed with rough crystalline rocks, acts, as González puts it, as “a passage to a new dimension”. A place where “our imagination bonds with historical memory and personal experience.” Here the door, as basic element of architecture, is poetically apprehended in its operative character, controlling not only the transport and transmission of person, object and information but also of our imagination. In this cave a group of Grandmothers are wearing the unique pieces of D.G. Clothes Project extreme customized bags. With their aggressive bags symbolizing the womb and the femininity, the Grandmothers march to the Fondazione Museo Pino Pascali, where the performance has closed with a walk echoing traditional fashion shows, turning into a typical promenade in villages squares in Italy instigating the envy of other fellow-women till they fight each other for the bags.

Press office: Elena Bari Performers: Anna Binetti, Martina Cantoro, Monica Contini Monica, Palma Dongiovanni, Addolorata Girolamo, Maria Girolamo, Teresa Girolamo, Rosanna Maiellari, Zotti Lucia and Banda Comunale di Cisternino Photo credits: Petra Fantozzi and Mariano Pichler Live DJset: Dracula Lewis Video shooting & editing: Invernomuto