Project Description

The Door to the Origin of the World

with Grandmother Bag Collection by Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project

performance 21st April 2013
with a text by Lukas Feireiss, special guest Dracula Lewis
a project for Masseria Torre Coccaro, Brindisi & Museo Pino Pascali

To imprint a fantastic vision on reality is to turn it into hyperreality, something more real than reality itself, where our imagination bonds with historical memory and personal experiences.
The Door to the Origin of the World is a door that wears an idea: being a passage to a new dimension, with celebratory rites and fantastic characters that arise from the everyday.
Grandmother Bag Collection is the first apparition to come out of the The Door to the Origin of the World, an army of grandmothers who model with their handbags in a celebration of ʻfeminine timeʼ, a time dedicated to life, family, home and career and captured within a woman’s inseparable companion: her handbag. This is a tale told through traces of colour, a material that was decanted from dreams that sediment while witnessing private and individual journeys.
A simple, old wooden door, savagely carved and showing clear signs of time, inlaid with several minerals, quartzes and crystals, is the gate of a tuff cave situated in the garden of the Masseria Torre Coccaro.
For the vernissage the door will be opened. In the beginning there will only be sounds coming out of the cave. Hypnotic-dark music, a primordial groan, played live by special guest Dracula Lewis (vocals and computer).
Subsequently, a village band will start walking out of the cave (or local country musicians), playing festive popular music, immediately followed by grandmothers modeling in their regular, classic clothes and custom made handbags. Classically shaped handbags are painted in a primitive and spontaneous fashion as if reflecting humoral states. Through the use of spray-paints and stratified pigments, one gets the impression that these bags, while taken for walks around town, absorbed the traces of the streets and they now carry the signs on their skin.
The musicians followed by the grandmothers will go through the Masseria all the way to its entrance where they will get on a means of transportation that will take them to the Pino Pascali Museum. There, they will get off in the same order (musicians first, grandmothers after) and they will enter the museum where they will do a catwalk with the music of Dracula Lewis.

Press office: Elena Bari Performers: Anna Binetti, Martina Cantoro, Monica Contini Monica, Palma Dongiovanni, Addolorata Girolamo, Maria Girolamo, Teresa Girolamo, Rosanna Maiellari, Zotti Lucia and Banda Comunale di Cisternino Photo credits: Petra Fantozzi and Mariano Pichler Live DJset: Dracula Lewis Video shooting & editing: Invernomuto

Discover the “Grandmother Bag Collection ” visit the Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project website