Project Description

Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project
Fallin’in Love Makes Me Stupid | Ponchos Collection

curated by Stephanie Kreuzer
October 15th, 2005
Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Aachen, Germany

The poncho is a symbol dress of rebellion. In the performance Fallin’in Love Makes Me Stupid the Poncho is a protagonist of a private revolution, a revolution of emotions with the intention to remind us to things we did when we felt in love. Making a compliment or give away a thought is meant as an act where thinking and passion join into the same dimension.
My performance transform the place in a ritual scene. The wearing objects are the vehicles of this action. Five models with chocolate make-up represent the symbols of desire. They all have a ballon with a note hanging from the ponchos and invite the public to untie one ballon to dedicate a compliment to somebody. On the catwalk there is a chair covered with chocolate, and in front of it one model with a gun in her hand. The models climb the chair one after another with the intention to release the ballons with the dedication.
The model with the gun try to shot them. Some ballons burst, some rise.

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