Project Description

Genesis of the floor, 2014
spray paint on cement base
floor dimension 160 x 390 cm

Palazzo Clerici, built in 1726, Gorgonzola, Milan, Italy

The Argentine artist Daniel González created the art work “Genesis of the floor” for a Villa Clerici, located in the countryside near Milan, in Gorgonzola. The Mansion from the XVIII Century welcomes its visitors with great staircase and a mezzanine between the street level and the first level of the house.
“Genesis of the floor” is a fictional universe created by the artist with water-based spray paints on cement base. He cheats the space and perspective with overlapping layers of colours and patterns.
The general rhythm of the composition starts from the left side of the mezzanine, where camellias and other flowers are borne from glimpses of whites and light blues over a meadow in violet. The energy coming from left pushes all natural elements in whirl movement toward the right part, almost bouncing back in the centre over the flourish carpet in green and yellow.
The artwork presents a full palette of colours, from primary to secondary ones, with shades of tertiary colours that accompany the view over iconographies and spray shades, in a pingback of references with no restrain.