Project Description

Anna Galtarossa Daniel González
Homeless Rocket with Chandeliers, 2007 – 2009

steel crane covered with printed vinyl, neon, lights, fabric, sequins, acrylic paint, ft. 100 x 160 x 4
opening performance December 15th, 2007 – Via Massimiano 25, Lambrate – Milan

Homeless Rocket With Chandeliers is the transformation of a fully operational 30-meter construction crane into a rocket-city with chandeliers.
This building machine has been elevated to the status of art by being contaminated with objects and materials (vinyl, neon lights, fabric, paint) that refer to street culture and the freedom that it can transmit. Construction workers are using the crane daily and it will remain in via Massimiano (Lambrate, Milan) until redevelopment work in another area of the neighbourhood has been completed.
The opening took place in December 2008 in Milan-Lambrate with a performance: Saturnino (Italy’s n.1 bass player) played live on his guitar through very loud speakers, the sound of the rocket taking off.

Photo credits: Andrea Martiradonna