Project Description

Imaginary Country
ephemeral architecture
site-specific installation along streets and in public spaces, Milano-Lambrate

on view from September 19th, 2017, EXTENDED TILL MAY 31ST, 2018
#Lambrate365 #ImaginaryCountry #DanielGonzález #publicart

“Imaginary Country” is the site-specific ephemeral architecture installation by Argentina-born and New York-based artist Daniel González produced by the no-profit association Made in Lambrate with the support by Municipio 3 – City of Milan. “Imaginary Country” is a semantic ephemeral architecture made with “pasacalles”, a traditional communication system from Argentina, where private messages are taken to public sphere with hand painted words on street banners.

On social networks, the presence of a hashtag seals the existence of its content, whether real or not. Just a # is enough to turn each word into a #readymade #reality. In Lambrate, Milan, the exchange between social networks and reality tightens. “Imaginary Country” by Daniel González takes this virtual labelling practice into the physical world, in the streets and public spaces of Lambrate. Suddenly a square, the sea and a skyscraper become “certified” and acquire shared meanings. Hand painted words on street banners will be hanging across Ventura, Flaminio, Conte Rosso, Oslavia, delle Rimembranze streets. Words express a potential thought and, at the same time, they are the abstract of a poetical concept. In González’s installation, words are defining their physical context, where the artist envisions a poetic, subtle and subconscious imaginary framework. “Imaginary Country” invites passers-by to wish into existence anything absent from their neighbourhood by using one’s own imagination, i.e. the oldest form of virtual reality.

A brand-new street billboard will join the installation “Imaginary Country” from December 13th across the street Via Conte Rosso in Lambrate. #stradaromana (Romanic road) is a huge hand-painted caption displayed in the design district panorama. González makes reference to the discovery of ancient Roman relicts found in the neighbourhood, which unlikely will ever be visible in the contemporary urban environment. This impossible reality becomes possible thanks to the language usually associated to social networks. Each photo taken in front of this billboard turns to be real in the virtual dimension of social networks’ profiles.

In an ongoing dialogue with the urban context of Lambrate which started with “Homeless Rocket with Chandeliers” in 2007, followed by several collaborations during Milan Design Week, González is once again inspired by the common imaginary associated with the post-industrial and creative neighbourhood.

The site-specific installation “Imaginary Country” will be on view for three months and will be re-installed later in spring 2018 as part of a cultural project developed by the association Made in Lambrate.

Press office:
Maddalena Bonicelli tel 335 6857707 [email protected]
Elena Girelli, Studio Daniel González tel +1 347 334 9929 +39 349 0996114 studio [at] press package

Produced by Associazione Made in Lambrate with the support by Municipio 3 – City of Milan, with the contribution by Logotel, Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition, ExBazzi endorsed by Time Shrine Foundation, Milan and OnePlanetOneFuture di Anne de Carbuccia Photo: Carola Merello, Andrea Martiradonna Courtesy Studio Daniel González  Project manager: Elena Girelli

Thanks to Mariano Pichler and Giuditta Sala, Josè Castro Ruiz, Cristina Favini, Caterina Antola, Mirko Rizzi, Maddalena Bonicelli, Federico Bazzi, Anne de Carbuccia, all members of Made In Lambrate Association and residents of Lambrate who kindly collaborated for the realization of the project

Where: Lambrate, Milan

Lambrate is a historic neighbourhood strictly associated with its intense XX Century industrial past. From traditional Faema Italian coffee machines to Innocenti motorcycles, the area saw approximately 100 industrial sites and it represented high-quality Italian industrial production of national and international renown. With changing global dynamics and the relocation of industrial production in the late 70s, Lambrate redefined its identity as a melting-pot for creative industries in a wider sense, a place where concept, design, testing and production take place, from the idea to the final design object.

From the renowned Design Week to festivals, exhibitions and education projects throughout the year, Lambrate is a new frontier devoted to avant-garde creativity, art and design. The neighbourhood is home to designer and artist studios, graphic and communication agencies, architects, contemporary art galleries, urban planning labs and community based events. Click to locate the district

The Association Made in Lambrate

As a no-profit organization established in 2014, Made in Lambrate aims at fostering the social, cultural and economic development of its neighbourhood. Focusing on culture, art and creativity as a trigger for social engagement, Made in Lambrate organizes cultural events, performances and shows in the district.

Its activity is supported by the municipality of Milan and its members. Made in Lambrate involves a wide range of operators, such as local schools, libraries, companies, individual volunteers and families, joining forces to raise awareness about the cultural specificity and identity of Lambrate, opening to partnerships with third-parties on both national and international level.

Made in Lambrate activities include the communication of yearly programming of contemporary art galleries, Saturdays community events for families, street art murals, urban planning labs and promoting Ventura Lambrate design fair during Milan design week.