Project Description

Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project
Juliet & the Forbidden Games Shoes

October 11th – 31st, 2013
Studio La Città, Verona

In the world of women, shoes are an Odyssey strewn with unexpected surprises and encounters. Shoes for passion, shoes for flying, shoes for fighting: everyday imaginary fetishes that interpret the idea of life of those who wear them, the inseparable companions of a journey in search of a better fate. Daniel González’s Juliet & the Forbidden Games Shoes collection is part of his D.G. Clothes Project, where art becomes fashion and where the artist mixes materials, fabrics, and styles of all kinds to create collections of unique items as though they were accomplices in an everyday invasion of metropolitan life. Like an unknown identity card, they recount the life of those who wear them and make space for the personal freedom to be oneself in things both large and small. In Juliet & the Forbidden Games Shoes, a parallel project to his Romeo’s Balcony, the Argentinean artist aims at bringing attention back to the female protagonist of the famous love story and her objects for seduction. She is the interpreter of all women in a contemporary way, women who must fight every day to conquer the love of their own Romeo and face up to the challenge of a social life where often you do not count for being a talented woman but because you know how hard to kick in order to get ahead.

Photo credits courtesy of the artist & Studio La Città Performer: Beatrice Carlotta Marcolini

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