Project Description

Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project
My Clothes – Create clothing that speaks of me

1st October, 2008, Bolzano, Ex-Alumix
4th October, 2008, Rovereto, Ex Manifattura Tabacchi
Workshop-performance curated by Silvia Conta
in collaboration with Manifesta 7 – Education Department Wednesday

Beyond fashion and beyond brands, clothing speaks of the people they are created by. This is the philosophy of the workshop with Daniel González, Argentine rtist and stylist–who a number of years ago started the D.G. Clothes Project, creating unique “work of art clothing” for unique individuals, a second-skin of sort, to reveal the identity of the person they are created for through the very characteristics of the clothing.
The artist will lead participants in the creation of a new and unique “work of art clothing” from the modification of a piece of clothing brought in. Through shape, materials, combinations, cuts, etc. each participant will identify themselves in their new creations. The “work of art-clothing” opens doors to the imagination and allows one to feel their own often forgotten unique qualities. It is an invitation to set your personality free.

Free workshop – participants are asked to bring with them an article of clothing to transform (T-shirt, trousers, blouses, etc.)

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