Project Description

Pop-Up Building
cardboard, varnish, adhesive tape, zip ties, electrical engines
35 x 35 x 15 meters

September 10th – 12th, 2010
curated by Ruud Reutelingsperger, special project for Witte de With Festival, Arminius church, Rotterdam

A classic architectural structure is reshaped through the aesthetics of pop-up books for the duration of the Witte de With Straat Festival. Pop-Up Building is the transformation of Arminius Church in Rotterdam, into a cardboard fable that lives on the edge of our world.
Its shapes draw on a fantastic vocabulary and do not have any function other than awakening marvel and stimulating disturbing and amusing suggestions of our existence. It is a mirror of the paradoxes and inconsistencies that alter our experience and perception of the world. Pop-Up Building is a fantastic monument. Like in pop-up books, it creates a shape that appears as a surprise: an idea that only lives for a short time, the time you flip through a page. Pop-Up Building is an architectural model gone crazy that takes shape in the city, building a world of innocence within a possible reality.

Photo credits Regina Geisler