Project Description

Transportable Square Zordan, 2011

Opening: 29 Aprile 2011 ore 18 Legnopan, via dell’Industria, Piovene Rocchette (VI)
curated by Chiara De Cristan and Silvia Ferri de Lazara, for A Beautiful Day – Art&Co. Fondazione March
workshop with the employees of furniture company Zordan in Valdagno, Italy

Daniel González has activated a new dynamic of internal communication and activation of personal needs between employees of the firm in order to make them feel at ease and exploit an ideal communication practice.
During the whole day they developed the Piazza Trasportabile Attilio Zordan (Transportable Square Attilio Zordan), a unique square that does not requires official permits to exist, composed by four isles (one for every department) which will become an identity space of the firm, a collective space devoted to sociality.

Photo credits: Elisa Franceschi