Project Description

XXII Triennale International Exhibition, Triennale di Milano
Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival
“Haiti – KayCasaMaisonHome”
March 1st – September 1st, 2019

Daniel González is pleased to exhibit in XXII International Exhibition, Triennale di Milano in the Haiti pavilion, curated by Arch. Mariano Pichler. Courtesy Boccanera Gallery. Haitian Government banned the exhibit, henceforth the Haiti Pavilion is currently closed and won’t open again.


“Haiti – KayCasaMaisonHome”

Nature is strong and sometimes destructive in Haiti. This country is already struggling for its development through social revolts, political instability, and disease, where more than 300,000 people live in Cité Soleil, Port-au-Prince, in shacks that are frequently swept away by floods and heavy rains.
In the Haiti Pavilion – KayCasaMaisonHome, curated by Mariano Pichler, visitors are invited to walk through the ephemeral architecture Mi Casa Tu Casa – Reversal Haiti House by Argentinian artist Daniel González, a house built with everyday Haitian objects that shows its most cherished possessions bringing the internal dimension to the outside. This is a house built with its own private objects, consigned to the outside without discrimination, where common objects build the bearing walls of this house. Quoting from the artist: “This work is about memory, about living this house in a different way. Because of the warm temperature inside, people are forced to live their daily life outside of their houses, and considering this a simple deposit of daily objects”.

This Kay is in dialogue with Mi Casa Tu Casa – Building Memory, a load-bearing wall that includes in its own architecture the memories of living moments. Proposing a comparison between a house made of metal sheets and a house made of bricks, in a continuous visual and emotional exchange, the works suggest the right to a dignified home, rather than just a shelter, and a place to live as a human being and to have and preserve positive memories and emotions.
This Kay is inhabited by the sounds of Haiti that Chiara Luzzana, sound artist and composer, has created by combining sound samples with a meticulous programming that transforms images of Haitian life into music. The rhymes of the kids in the Fors Lakay community blend with the sounds from the rooms of the NPH Saint Damien Paediatric Hospital. The children’s laughter is interrupted by the impetus of a nature which suddenly destroys everything. The soundtrack Haiti Sounds is divided into four moments, alternating hopes and precariousness in a sound journey that embraces the visitor.
Stefano Guindani, always at the side of the commissioner, captures an important social moment with his striking shots of Saut d’Eau, one of the most fascinating and powerful places in Haiti. Here Haitian people, both Catholics and voodoo practitioners, are united by the purifying immersion in the sacred waterfalls where nature is back to being a good mother and where the power of water, one of the key element of the island’s cultural identity, surprise the viewer.

Haitian Government banned the exhibition – The Haiti Pavilion is currently censored and currently not accessible.

Commissario Commissioner: Fondazione Francesca Rava – NPH Italia Onlus Delfina Boni, Responsabile Progetti Culturali Cultural Project Manager, Maria Chiara Roti, Vice Presidente Vice President; Curatore Curator: Mariano Pichler; Autori Authors: Daniel González, Stefano Guindani, Chiara Luzzana; Coordinamento di progetto Project Management Elena Girelli, Studio Daniel González, Inc.; Consulente Design Design Consultant: Lina Obregón; Produzione e allestimento Production and Set-Up: ALTOFRAGILE, Milano; Foto Photos: Andrea Martiradonna, SGP e and Elena Girelli; Ufficio Stampa Press Office: Silvia Valigi; Main Partner: Gruppo Eco Eridania; Partners: Clear Channel, Gucci, Ruggero Morandini, PBA Sponsor Tecnico Technical Partner: I.S.A.C., Giuseppe Magarelli, Melzi e figli, Modulcasa Line; Courtesy: Boccanera Gallery, Trento – Milano

Grazie a Thanks To: Martina Borsotti, Michelangelo Cambiaso Erizzo, Valentina Cantoni, Johnny Dalla Libera, Diletta Grella, Pierfrancesco Maran, Marco Omini, Carlotta Pichler, Maina Rossetto, Marco Villa