Project Description

Your Stories
Opening reception Tuesday September 19th, 5pm
through October 28th, 2017

Boccanera T Gallery, via Ventura 6, Milan

For the social network the image/caption pair is the main element of the syntax that allows the creation of one’s own virtual image; whether or not it corresponds to reality is not very important. For this new grammar, hashtags become the new adjectives for defining oneself and reality.

“Your Stories” by Daniel González are live posts, while the caption is suggested by the artist himself. The works, in mirroring Mylar, are like the screens of a mobile phone: a portal between reality and the digital world. Just as when the download signal is missing, the reflected image is unfocussed, the lines and forms are mixed up and produce a glitch. By getting closer, the image becomes increasingly clear, and so does the work itself. It is never an equal reflection of itself, but at the same time it is both dreamlike and faithful to reality.

The works of “Your Stories” are thoughts about language; they speak in an intimate manner, and the viewers will subconsciously choose the most congenial subject and caption in order to construct their own virtual reality.

Info: Giorgia Lucchi Boccanera +39 340 5747013 info [at] Elena Girelli, Studio Daniel González +39 349 0996114 Opening hours: from Wednesday to Saturday from 4pm to 7pm or by appointment

Photo Carola Merello courtesy Studio Daniel González

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