Project Description

Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project
AAAAAAAHHH Antology of a Liar

Friday, February 27th, 2015 20:30 – 23:00
Marsèll show room, via Paullo 12/A Milano

Aaaaaaahhh Anthology of a Liar is a performance by artist Daniel González specifically intended for Marsèlleria – the permanent laboratory working on the contemporary created by Marsèll in Milan.
The performance is part of the D.G. Clothes Project, initiated in 2004, through which Daniel González explores the subject of ‘rebellion through beauty’ beyond the concepts of fashion, trend, and trademark, acting on the relationship between the individual, his identity, and his outfit, as an airing of his personality. This results in unique pieces, wearable sculptures which speak of the person who wears them in an extremely intimate way.
Throughout the centuries, in the history of culture, beauty standards have imposed models and stereotypes of perfection on women, the aesthetic concept of dress being placed in direct relation to power and social adhesion. In modern society clothing is a means of identification. Few, however, are able to declare themselves, and find it easier and more immediate to communicate a sense of belonging within groups or social roles. Never has an aesthetic expression corresponded to the externalization of one’s own intimacy, that which always remains shrouded, hidden, simulated.
Based on this premise, the performance/catwalk Aaaaaaahhh Anthology of a Liar creates a mise-en-scene that reconsiders the identity of women: the performers, inspired by the D.G. Clothes Project’s sculptures, express their deepest and most primordial emotions.
The unique pieces created by González seek to establish a more intimate and truthful relationship with those who wear them: not models, but subjects who overturn the falsified circles of signification ripened through centuries of culture, with the purpose of reclaiming their singular uniqueness.

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D.G. Clothes Project Coordinator Elena Girelli Video: Alvin Mojetta Photo: Thalitha Dittfeld Thanks to: Erica Castiglioni,Samantha Stella Cavagnaro, Cristina Casadei, Elisa Ci Penagini, Sara Cirillo, Virginia Devoto, Daniela Ferreira, Anna Franceschini, Lavinia Marinotti, Martina Montinari, Elisa Simonaro, Liu Tejing, Rada Trentin, Sara de Tullio, Camilla Zanon Curci Special thanks to: Mirko Rizzi, Maddalena Bonicelli, Tanya Doubleday Rudkin, Mattia Capelletti, To all Marsèll staff