Project Description

Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project
Cheaper Fast Love


April 15th 6pm & 17th 7pm, 2015
Ventura Lambrate 2015 Milan Design Week
Lambretto Art Project, Lambrate, Milan

Cheaper Fast Love is the performance by Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project for the sixth edition of Ventura Lambrate, during the 2015 Milan Design Week. Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project explores the interactions of art and fashion.
Beyond concepts of logos and trends, the artist acts on the relationship between the individual’s identity and his outfit as declination of his personality. Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project creates wearable sculptures as unique pieces, created by mixing clothes, shoes, objects, textiles, accessories in a variety of styles, adding not only a visible beauty, but also a mental one. These are presented in performances unfolding tales about life, about fighting for conquering freedom over the abyss of desire and thought, hidden in the every-day intimacy of working suits, shoes and accessories.
Overtaking the boundaries between performance and real life, in Cheaper Fast Love conceived assumptions about the meaning of loving people and loving objects will collapse.
How much does a piece of your freedom cost? What would you put on sale to be able to follow the person you love?

D.G. Clothes Project coordinator: Elena Girelli Performer: Giorgia Maretta Photo credits: Claudio Devizzi Grassi Video Shooting: Alvin Mojetta; Ciclica, Milan

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