Project Description

Emergency Disco Gang Swiss
performance with emergency vehicles, service car, agricultural machines with synced radio on Radio Fiume Ticino, a local radio station
The Chocolate Factory Foundation, Blenio, Tessin, Switzerland
Saturday May 21st, 2016, 7.30pm, duration 30 minutes

Ambulances, firemen, police patrols, working and agricultural machines use flashing lights during dangerous operations or in case of emergency.
The gaze of these lights in traffic gets us on the alert and we automatically slow down and stop. Their specificity influences our behaviour.
We live a parallel situation in the discotheque, where the emergency is an emotional one; dimmer, laser and stroboscopic lights in the clubs create a bewildering emotion that affects our perception of space. This particular condition invites us to loose ourselves and break the daily routine. Those lights are indicating a change in our status.
Emergency Disco Gang Swiss melts together these two instants: emergency and the amusement call.
Located at the entrance area of the Foundation the flash-mob action will be performed by motorized vehicles: an ambulance, a private transport car and some agricultural machines will turn their flashing lights on and sync their radio on Radio Fiume Ticino, a local radio station, for 30 minutes at 7.30pm during the opening night. The music is recorded live from the vehicle’s radio streaming during the performance.

The Chocolate Factory Foundation, Artistic director:
Franco Marinotti Project manager: Sara Corbino. Studio Daniel González, Project manager: Elena Girelli, Direct radio streaming: Radio Fiume Ticino, Photo: Saverio Lombardi Vallauri, Thanks to Willy Winteler, Stefano & Ralph Winteler, Saverio Rigozzi Caseificio del Sole, Tre Valli Soccorso, Samuele Berenco Direttore del Corpo dei Pompieri Consortile Alta Blenio, Radio Fiume Ticino, Courtesy Studio Daniel González