Project Description

No Time to Waste
October 20th, 2015
Corporate Art Lease Service launch, Diana Lowenstein Gallery
at Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Miami Beach, FL, USA

Every day we queue at the bank, at the post office, outside the cinema. Tons of wasted time. With the performance, “No Time To Waste”, the Argentine artist Daniel González uses this temporal space for such actions as sleeping or meditating, turning waiting time into personal time. Focusing on a specific moment of everyday life González employs performance actions to investigate the boundaries of preconceived social structures, whether they be public or private. Here the artist invests the public areas of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel with new meaning by using straightforward personal actions that are normally carried out in private. “No Time To Waste” tells a story of encounters, passions and energies, personal references and collective tensions that will change our perception of “waiting time” and “waiting space”.

Curator: Ombretta Andruff Agrò Event Manager: Hariet Booth, Ritz-Carlton Miami Beach Perfomers: Gary Feinberg, Mia Glick, Ana Maria Gonzalez, Nicholas Joseph Iacobelli, Valerie Lopez, Jesus Martinez, Lori Nozick, Ashley Peeler, Jennifer Lynn Samway, Anya Tatum Photo: Jayme Gershen Video shooting: David Araujo, Ricardo Treviño Photo & Video post-production: Elena Girelli, Daniel González Studio